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Santulan OM Meditation (SOM)
The famous Indian Ayurvedic doctor Shreeguru Dr. Balaji També developed an easy to practice and very effective meditation technique, the Santulan OM Meditation (SOM). Several million people worldwide already know the SOM meditation, which is based on the philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita and the wisdom of the Vedas. It has been used very successfully for many years in India's most famous Ayurveda center, Atmasantulana Village, for healing purposes with patients undergoing Ayurveda treatment. In cooperation with the renowned Indian University in Pune, scientific studies have confirmed and proven its effectiveness.

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The meditation technique practiced in Santulan LIFE is very easy to practice for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced. It contains meditative and musical-therapeutic elements, which allow our mind to calm down in a very wonderful and pleasant way. You can switch off everyday life, stress and your problems in the truest sense of the word. In meditative music, besides selected instruments, singing also plays an important role. The sung mantras are mostly written in Sanskrit, the original language of all languages. It consists of 34 different basic sounds and our spine is composed of 34 different vertebrae. Now it has been found that each Sanskrit basic sound causes a certain vertebra to vibrate when it is spoken or sung. A song, therefore, creates a very specific vibration pattern on our spine by stimulating certain vertebrae.

There is a single sound that is able to make all 34 vertebrae vibrate simultaneously. This sound is AUM. A stands for creative creation, U preserves what has been created and M is the power of transformation. Singing, humming or simply listening to this sound is therefore an integral part of our SOM meditation. Everyone from young to old is welcome here and we maintain an uncomplicated, cordial interaction with each other. Many who come to us also speak fluent English, so that people from other cultures and countries also feel understood and comfortable with us.


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