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Our classes

Yoga is a true gift to human beings. Yoga brings people together. In our yoga center at Frankfurt Bornheim, this has been happening since 1985. Completely informal, no matter what background, culture, education, training level or age, everyone can join in and find their place. The science of yoga has been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. Information from the internet, apps, YouTube videos and books can be used to deepen what is learned, but can never replace knowledge and experience, especially correction by a trained teacher. Classes at Santulan LIFE are held in a very warm atmosphere by teachers who understand yoga as a vocation and a modern lifestyle. Most of them have many years of experience, deep knowledge of human anatomy and psyche and enjoy yoga and contact with people themselves. This enables them to provide each student with the specific support they need in class.

Our students

Our students are a mixture of multiple levels of yoga expertise who have been coming to the yoga school for several, sometimes many years, and new interested people. Therefore, yoga beginners also come to us regularly, because they have the advantage of always being able to orientate themselves and be pulled along by students who have more experience and already know the exercises well. With us, we help each other and no one will feel embarrassed if they have not yet mastered the exercises so well. There is no pressure to perform and there is no competition, but there is plenty of laughter and happiness to share. The practiced students get regular opportunities to review their basic execution and can deepen their own practice in the intensive courses with dynamic work, the different variations of the sun prayer, longer holds and variations.

We nurture our students in the spirit of organic growth, where progress is not pushed, but arises naturally through intense, properly guided and uninhibited practice. We are open and very grateful for feedback and suggestions. 



Our courses

The sequence and type of exercises, accompanied by conscious breathing, as well as special breathing techniques, represent a unique concept that distinguishes yoga from most other forms of exercise.

In each basic course, the foundation of yoga asanas and breathing techniques are taught and internalized through specific corrections and repetitions. The basic intensive courses bring in the twist of the advanced, making these courses an interesting mix that will satisfy yoga experienced and not overwhelm beginners. The different variations of the sun prayer, challenging asana variations, standing exercises and pranayama characterize the intensive courses.

What do I need to know beforehand?

If you would like to try yoga first, you can attend a trial class in the basic course.

Even if you are already experienced in yoga and come to us for the first time, you can get to know us first in a trial class in the basic program.

During your first visit, come about 15 mins before the beginning of the course and let us advise you about all further possibilities. This also gives you the opportunity to talk to the yoga teacher before your first yoga class.

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