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Vinyasa - Find your Flow (Level II + III)
A deep exploration of body and mind through a flowing sequence of standing and seated postures that combine breath and movement. Some topics include opening your heart, releasing tension, lengthening the spine, or finding balance ~ the focus is always on moving through your practice with mindfulness to find inner harmony.

Vinyasa - Dynamic Flow (Level I)
This course combines the beautiful qualities of human strength and gentleness.

Hatha Yoga - Breathe tension away (All Levels)
The whole variety of relaxing Hatha exercises, with immediately noticeable effect. The concentration on the breath brings serenity and lightness, the pleasant group energy the feel-good factor.

Yoga for the back (All Levels)
Loosen the muscles in the neck/shoulder and lumbar area with targeted exercises to relieve tension and become free again. Develop inner awareness for the body and become aware of its strength.

Vinyasa to get positive energies flowing (All Levels)
Sometimes slower, sometimes more dynamic, but always with fun and enthusiasm we flow through different asanas to release blockages and create space for positive energies.

Reenergize for the weekend (All Levels)
Let go of the stresses of the week with a special yoga program and start the weekend refreshed with new energy.

Mindful Yoga (All Levels) 
On the one hand, the course is characterized by breathing techniques, asanas and kriyas from the program developed by Dr. Balaji També (founder of the well-known Ayurveda center Atmasantulan Village in Karla, India and the Santulan LIFE in Frankfurt/Bornheim) for the daily maintenance of one's own health. On the other hand, regenerative exercises, stretching and relaxation are an important part of each class.
The classes are primarily aimed at yoga beginners, people with health problems and/or movement restrictions, or simply participants who would like to practice a gentle form of yoga.

Awakening Consciousness (All Levels)
Powerful breathing exercises and asanas performed with high concentration bring the flow of the now. The head becomes free!

The meditation technique practiced in Santulan LIFE is very easy to practice for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced. It contains meditative and musical-therapeutic elements, which allow our mind to calm down in a very wonderful and pleasant way. You can switch off everyday life, stress and your problems in the truest sense of the word. In meditative music, besides selected instruments, singing also plays an important role. Everyone from young to old is welcome here and we maintain an uncomplicated, cordial interaction with each other.



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